Setting Dial Up di Windows XP

1. klik Start - Control Panel - Network Connection
2. Klik File - New Connection
3. selanjutnya klik " Next"


4. Pilih connect to the Internet dan klik - Next

5. Pilih Set Up Connection manually dan klik - Next

6. Pilih Connect using a broadband connection dan klik - next

7. isikan " ISP Name " dengan nama connection "terserah anda" dan klik -Next

8. masukkan Username dan password Speedy anda dengan di akhiri
Untuk Speedy Prepaid user beruba 10 digit angka yg di akhiri @speedyprepaid.

klik Next.
9. Klik finish. dan koneksi dial up internet sudah siap dipakai

cek username dan password ini harus benar supaya koneksi internet bisa digunakan.

 Setting Modem router Corega CG-BARAA 100 V2 with Speedy by TELKOM
Open the web browser IE/Mozilla and use address for into the corega's menu.
user : admin
password : 1234 (default)

First lookin the link Indicator if the link light is blink,look at the Advaced Setup - ADSL - and change the ADSL Mode with " G.DMT " (default is "AutoSyn").

go into Interface Setup menu ( Interface Setup - Internet )

- find and change the VPI=0 & VCI=35 (for SPEEDY @east java)Corega default is 8&35.
- Enter Username and Password Speedy (important!!!, and
password is sencitive Key).
- click Save.

Now you can use ISP facilities to connect INTERNET.

Firewall router is OFF to best performance.

Light Indicator Router Modem Corega type CG-BRAA 100V2:
Power : the light must green and stay.
eth : Conection between Computer and Router modem
Link : the light must green and stay. it's Phone/DSL Line from speedy.
Internet : The light must green, it's show your username & password is true.

call me if you get the trouble or problem.